image from Long distance reading of UHF tags

Long distance reading of UHF tags

Have you got difficulty reading your UHF RFID tags over a long distance? With the use of Yagi antennas and a high quality RFID reader such as the Impinj Speedway Revolution, the Zebra FX9500 or the TSS Gold Reader EasyLogic has demonstrated read ranges of over 20 meters, even when using on-metal tags.

The optimal use for the antenna is in a long, pencil shaped range. So these antennas can be used for instance across a loading bay or cross docking facility, able to detect tags on containers before they are loaded into a truck.

Alternatively they may be used overhead from a high ceiling. Combined with other antennas such as the Impinj Guardwall Antenna, solutions can be provided for challenging detection and identification environments.

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