image from RFID in production and assembly processes

RFID in production and assembly processes

The car industry has been using it for a long time. The use of RFID (radio frequency identification) to identify parts and subassemblies. The “Build-to-Order” process, where each product that comes of the line has its own unique combination of options and colours would be almost impossible or too expensive without automatic identification of parts.

But RFID is not just applicable for products with extensive configuration (like computersystems, bicycles or airplanes). RFID is useful when keeping large amounts of stock is too expensive. “Just-in-Time” environments. Or in those cases where fixing mistakes later on in the assembly process simply is too expensive.

  • Build-to-Order or Assemble-to-Order;
  • Just in Time;
  • Automated Inventory Management;
  • Complex supply chains where suppliers make complete assemblies which need to be identifiable;
  • Robots which can select and install a variety of parts on the basis of RFID;
  • Traceability of parts, keeping track of production dates, batches or other production details.

RFID supports Electronic Product Coding based on GS1 with GTIN, serial number, expiry date and charge or batch number. EasyLogic’s Track & Trace middleware platform links RFID reader equipment to your Manufacturing Execution Systeem. Please contact us for a free consultation on the possibilities in your environment.

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