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RFID and NFC and Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical sector is under pressure. Corona has caused the demand for vaccins and other medication to rise sharply. At the same time, there is recognition for the increase of vulnerability that is caused by production of medicines in Asia and consequently the complex supply chain. RFID and NFC have many applications in the pharmaceutical sector, such as:

  • Traceability of medication
  • Stockcontrol
  • Patient safety
  • Anti-counterfeiting

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Traceability of medication

The use of automated Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) techniques makes it possible to control and provide insight into the supply chain again:

  • Pharma Serialisation;
  • Track & Trace of product;
  • Temperature logging of medication and vaccines;
  • Anti-counterfeiting, detect fake product;
  • Prevent grey-market imports;
  • Track expiry dates, batch and production details;
  • Identify medication for recalls;

RFID supports GS1 coding with GTIN, serialnumber, expirydate and charge- or batchnumber. EasyLogic’s Track & Trace middleware platform links RFID reading equipment to your stockcontrol or ERP system. Contact us via +31-182-389530 or sales@easylogic.nl to learn about the possibilities.

Stock control

In addition to the use of RFID or NFC for traceability and anti-counterfeiting RFID also helps you keep better track of your stocks, and that of your customers.

Because RFID works on the basis of a unique tag per packing unit, it allows tracking exactly of what is in stock. We can store all movements of goods from factory, to distributioncenter, to pharmacy and subsequently to department in a hospital. Additionally we have tags that can record temperature during distribution and storage which can be read with standard RFID readers.

In EasyLogic’s Track & Trace system you can see exactly where a specific product is at any time. Using this information you can manage your stock precisely:

  • prevent over stocking;
  • just-in-time ordering;
  • identify recalled medication;
  • first-in & first-out;
  • know which medicines will expire soon;
  • and what is out of stock.

EasyLogic developed an automated RFID ordering system for Dental Union. We can also do that on the basis of a “smart-shelf” system which detects which medication is getting low, and automatically places a new order so that you are never out of stock.

Patient Safety

RFID prevents incorrect medication for patients. If the medicine, the wristband of the patient, and the prescription are linked and scanned, then there can be an automatic check of:

  • the right patient;
  • the correct mediation;
  • the accurate dosage;
  • the right time;
  • and the right provenance of the medicine.

Certified Medicine

Using NFC stickers and a mobile phone you can certify the provenance of products in your supply chain. Using a tamper-proof NFC tag in a bottlecap or on a blister, you can tell if a box or bottle has been opened.

Using cryptographic techniques we can prevent others from copying or faking NFC or RFID stickers:

  • Smart bottle caps;
  • Identify and prevent grey/parallel import;
  • Prevent refilling or dilution of medication;
  • Electronic certification of origin;
  • End-user can find detailed information and usage guidelines using a smartphone;
  • Check expiry dates.