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Price Increases


At EasyLogic and IDCARDplaza we have kept prices for certain products, our hourly rates and maintenance and hosting costs at the same level for 5 years.

Now we are faced with significant price increases due to rising energy prices, weakness of the Euro against the US$, and overall inflation. This means that the costs of hosting, equipment, transport, etc. will increase significantly, but also our personnel costs. Some suppliers increase prices to us by 12-14%.

This means that we are increasing our hourly rates to Eur 112/hour. We shall increase maintenance/support/hosting contracts by 8% at the time of invoicing. Prices for Mifare and other cards fluctuate and are very dependent on the availability at that time. Shipping costs from Asia to the Netherlands remain high. Accessories such as lanyards, card holders, etc. will increase in price by 8-10%. We ask for your understanding if your next order turns out to be a bit more expensive.