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Covid Crowd Control

Over the last few years EasyLogic has supplied an events registration and access control system which has been used extensively by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs for large-scale, highly secure events like:

  • the Nuclear Security Summit in the Hague 2014,
  • the Europees Presidency in Amsterdam 2016,
  • the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, together with the US Government in the Hague in 2019

This system (hardware, software and application) has been extensively tested by commercial and government instances on safety, privacy, agains hackers, and for security. We can share details about this on request.

EasyLogic is creating a solution on the basis of this system to prevent crowds and people-masses in public locations such as parks, nature, beaches, markets and city-centres. It does this with a reservation system, where the public can reserve a time slot for access, and receives an access code via e-mail. This solution is intended for use by government (safety-regions, provinces, cities). The main benefits of this solution are:

  • AVG proof because we register no personal data other than e-mail address and remove these automatically after use;
  • access control is performed using a normal smartphone (Apple or Android) without the need to install and application. Ideal for use by varying officials such as parking attendants, traffic controllers and BOA’s or police;
  • prevention of misuse by slowing down multiple registrations from a single e-mail address or IP-address;
  • hack-safe.

The system currently is a “work in progress” but is expected to be live shortly.

Download the Brochure here.