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EasyLogic Fact Sheets

EasyLogic’s Track and Trace middleware (ETT Server) is our enabler of RFID or Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions. Basically RFID and IoT allow a customer to keep track of physical items in the real world, and ensure that they are accurately represented in their IT landscape. Additionally the RFID or IoT tag can contain sensors (temperature, humidity, location through GPS, accelerometer, vibration, stress) with which additional data can be collected.

EasyLogic has realised a number of solutions using our ETT middleware. But this does not limit the possibilities of our solutions. The factsheets below might serve as an inspiration for your business. Download our factsheets below by clicking on the image. And then contact us through sales@easylogic.nl or by phone tel:+31-182-389530 to get a free consult on what would be possible in your environment.


The pharmaceutical sector is under pressure. Corona has caused the demand for vaccins and other medication to rise sharply. At the same time, there is recognition for the increase of vulnerability that is caused by production of medicines in Asia and consequently the complex supply chain. RFID and NFC have many applications in the pharmaceutical sector, such as:
  • Traceability of medication
  • Stockcontrol
  • Patient safety
  • Anti-counterfeiting

Download our factsheet (in Dutch) by clicking on the image, or read our English Blogpost .


Corona has made the use of public transport less attractive all throughout Europe. Governments and cities are stimulating the use of bicycles for commuting. Many more bicycles have been sold in the last twelve months, both regular and electrical.

With this success we also see disadvantages. There is an enormous growth of the number of bicycles in cities. People leave their bikes everywhere and abandoned bikes are found more frequently. Parking your bicycle becomes more of a hassle, especially near railway stations and in city centers. Traffic jams of cyclists appear in the city and at bikeparkings, especially during rush hour.

EasyLogic has RFID based solutions for bikeparkings which allow you to solve the traffic jams. Without delays customers can check in or check out their bikes. Pre- or postpayment options are integrated, bottlenecks are avoided. Additionally we can provide insight into bike traffic flows through the city center using RFID based tracking systems, or other radio technologies. Contact us or download the brochure by clicking on the picture.


EasyLogic has quite a few customers with RFID solutions in the agriculture and horticultural sectors. RFID is used for:
  • identification of individual plants in orchid greenhouses and other expensive plants;
  • identification of tulip-bulbs during planting and harvesting
  • following, identifying and inventory taking of “Returnable Transport Items” such as crates and CC containers at auctions and in the supply chain
  • collecting productivity numbers from employees in greenhouses during activities such as pruning and harvesting bellpeppers and tomatoes
  • cattle and pig identification using RFID ear-tags and automatic control of feed- and milking machines

Additionally EasyLogic has developed a wireless mesh system with handheld RFID reader devices to keep track of productivity data of employees in real-time. The system is self-configuring and provisions all devices automatically. Because it is very easy to install, it has been rolled out all over the world, in Europe, the United States, South America, Asia en Australia. For more details, download our factsheet by clicking on the image.

Registration and Accesscontrol for Secure events

Originally developed for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, EasyLogic provided an events registration system with an access control system with RFID identity cards. The system implements the philosophy that for a truly secure event security starts at registration followed by multiple vetting and authentication steps. Then fine-grained time based access control is provided in a non-obtrusive manner, which can be combined with optional biometric face recognition.

Delegations can be registered by a Registration officer, with details of VIP’s, security details, spouses or partners, and support staff. The organising team can determine the workflow in terms of accreditation, external security checks, background checks and finally admittance. The same system is used for support staff (e.g. caterers, cleaners, maintenance personnel) as well as for journalists.

Finally when access is authorised, locations and timeslots for access are identified. An RFID ID-card with photographs is printed and programmed, which are read by entrysystems with RFID readers. EasyLogic has a lot of expertise with configuring your registration system and helping you implement an access control policy, so contact us for more information.

This system is currently in use by multiple government departments, in the Netherlands and abroad.

Asset management

Asset Management is the control of assets that you have acquired, over their entire lifecycle. You may already have an Asset Management system in which you record which assets you have, when you purchased them, with invoices, warranty certificates, user manuals, maintenance instructions and calibration guides. U keep track of where your asset is, who uses it, when maintenance is required and when it needs to be certified or calibrated.

After a while you still lose assets. They are no longer where your asset management system tells you where they should be. A device that should have been taken to maintenance has been put into production at a different location. And there it failed, leading to high and avoidable costs.

RFID is a great tool to help identify these assets. To automatically track asset movements. And to keep track when the device is due for maintenance or calibration. To generate and alarm when a measuring device and the probe are separated. With the EasyLogic Track and Trace server we link the RFID data with the registration in your asset management or ERP system. We have already interfaced with e.g. Ultimo, SAP and Maximo.

For a number of security regions in the Netherlands we manage the protective firefighters outfits. We keep track of equipment on firetrucks. This way they can ensure all the required equipment is available on a truck again after responding to an incident. To make sure they bring everything necessary to the next emergency.

Custom solutions

EasyLogic is specialised in the application of Radio. We know the advantages -- but also the shortcomings -- for the use of radio in your production environment. We have expertise with:
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)
  • NFC (Near Field Communication) and readers
  • Bluetooth (and Bluetooth Low Energy in particular) for condition monitoring, real time locating services and marketing applications
  • LoraWan for long-range low power datacommunication
  • Sigfox and devices like the Bumblebee for outdoors asset tracking
  • Wireless mesh networks such as Wirepas for Internet-of-Things and indoor RTLS / Asset management solutions

Have you not yet found what you are looking for? EasyLogic designs and develops hardware, embedded firmware, and software applications (frequently based on our ETT Middleware ) specifically for your application. We do this with partners in the Netherlands and abroad, depending on the volumes you require.